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This album is a gem that reflects the facets of hard work, integrity, faith, and love of this great country! The album offers your perfect summer jam for kicking back at the tailgate, your classic, gritty, riff-driven country, and a ballad that will make your heart bleed true, American blood! Plus, it’s only $3.

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Too far? I say not far enough! There have been moments in history that ignited change…moments where the world joined hands and celebrated all that is possible in humanity. Same Side Booth Sitters have achieved this with their debut EP, “This is Country”.

The songs on this album embrace you like a warm shadow on a sunny afternoon. They effortlessly flow like a linen sundress kissing the wind on a breezy fall day.

Someday when the Same Side Booth Sitters breathe their final breath and take that first step into the unknown, there will be no tears…..just a collective, world-wide high five to celebrate the triumph of human ingenuity.


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