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New Album Available for Licensing on

Our new album, 2017’s “Weathered Past” is now available for licensing on!


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The 3-Track Album is NOW AVAILABLE!


You can purchase the EP for only $2.97 here:

Indie Country for the Masses!

Same Side Booth Sitters started for one reason and one reason only…to win a bet!

On January 5 2013, while watching the Cincinnati Bengals lose an embarrassing first round playoff game to San Diego, we got far too drunk for our own good and somehow came up with this crowning achievement of a bet: If we can write a 3 song country ep and sell 1200 copies within 3 months of the album release date, our dear friend David Congrove Jr. MUST get a tattoo of Nicholas Cage (becoming Ghost Rider) tattooed on his upper inner thigh!

This is the tattoo:

Nicholas Cage Tattoo

Same Side Booth Sitters Tattoo

In a moment of drunken brilliance, I grabbed a bar napkin and wrote out the details of the bet with a crayon and had it signed by 3 witnesses:

Same Side Booth Sitters Contract

Written in crayon on a bar napkin

[Translated: “If I can write a country album that sells 1200 copies, David Congrove Jr. must tattoo Nicholas Cage and Ghostrider on his upper inner thigh (location subject to change)(Must be at least 5 inches tall) (Must be sold in 3 months from album release) – signed Jeff Gehlert, David Congrove, Jon Avila]

This is Dave:


Dave is a stand-up dude with a heart of gold, but has one MAJOR flaw…his passionate, un-dying love for the film Ghost Rider!  In case you’ve never seen it, Ghost Rider makes No Holds Barred look like Citizen Kane!

Dave assumed the bet wouldn’t ever come of anything since Jeff was generally not a fan of country music……Dave was wrong!  Over the next few weeks, Nick Myers and Jeff Gehlert came together in a den above a coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio and pumped out a 3 track epic (I’m using the word epic very loosely).  It’s gritty, and unapologetic…like John Wayne in “The Searchers” or Lucas Barton in “The Wizard”.

Now we must come to you for help!  We did our job and created the album, now we just need 1200 purchases.  It is a 3 track ep so it will only cost you $3.  If we ever see you in person, we will make up for that $3 with a really good hug!

Please help us in our shaming!

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Same Side Booth Sitters